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What is FSSAI?

What is FSSAI?

What is FSSAI?

 Basic information

FSSAI:- Food Safety and Standards Authority of India 

establishment year of  FSSAI IS 2011

ACT of FSSAI IS Food Safety & Standards Act 2006

the head office of FSSAI in New Delhi.

The Regional Office of FSSAI is in Chennai, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata

The official Website of FSSAI is

Now detail about FSSAI

FSSAI is an authority under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. The purpose of setting up FSSAI is to improve the quality of food items in the country and to set standards for their production and maintenance. This FSSAI was created under The Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 t by amalgamating several other laws related to food items.

purpose of setting up FSSAI:-

  • To frame regulations for laying down standards and guidelines in respect of food articles and to specify the appropriate methodology for implementing the various standards so notified.
  • To lay down the mechanism and guidelines for accreditation of certification bodies engaged in certification of food safety management systems for food businesses.
  • To lay down procedures and guidelines for recognition of laboratories and notification of recognized laboratories.
  • To provide scientific advice and technical assistance to the Central Government and State Governments in matters of policy and rulemaking in areas directly or indirectly affected by food security and nutrition.
  • Collect and collate data regarding food consumption, incidence, and prevalence of biological risk, contaminants in food, residues of various, contaminants in food products, identification of emerging risks, and introduction of rapid alert systems.
  • Creating an information network across the country so that the public, consumers, panchayats, etc. get fast, reliable, and objective information about food safety and issues of concern.
  • Providing training programs for individuals who are involved in or intend to be involved in the food business.
  • Contribute to the development of international technical standards for food, sanitation, and plant hygiene standards.
  • To promote general awareness about food safety and food standards.

What is FSSAI License?

It is mandatory to take a license from FSSAI for any kind of business-related to food items like manufacture, storage, retail, wholesale, manufacture of supplement medicine, PCD Pharma Franchisee of nutraceutical products, third party manufacturing of nutraceuticals, etc.

FSSAI offers three different types of licenses depending on the business you choose

FSSAI license is generated through another FSSAI authorized website


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