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what is difference between pcd pharma franchise and stockiest?

what is difference between pcd pharma franchise and stockiest?

Stockist is a part of distribution channel. Stockist are part of the distribution chain of marketing companies. Marketing and production companies can not open their own distribution offices in every district, city and town. Because doing so would be financially expensive and difficult to follow. That is why the manufacturers, marketers of medicines appoint their stockists in each field to such individuals who have their own set up such as godowns, distribution boys, most important drug license and more. The companies pay a certain percentage to the stockist for this, which is decided by their mutual agreement. A stockist can run a PCD Franchise business along with supply the goods to market of another company.

On the other hand, franchisees holder market medicines and try to sell them through doctors, retail shoppers by giving them information about the medicines they want to sell.. It will have more benefits but it also takes more effort and hard work.

In short pcd pharma franchise is a procedure of marketing and stockist is a part of supply chain to distribute the medicine marketed by marketing company.

In pcd pharma franchise a franchise holder works in a certain area so he also become suppliers themselves by taking their own drug license. If someone desire to start pcd pharma franchise business But don't want to set up your own setup he can appoint a stockist to supply medicine

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