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pharma franchise of Itraconazole 100 mg Capsule | impileo

Itraconazole belongs to the azole antifungals class of drugs. it comes in form of tablets, capsule and solution. itraconazole that is used for infections treatment produce by fungus available with us for pcd pharma franchise and third party manufacturing. itraconazole also use for treatment of infection in any part of body like mouth & throat, lungs, fingernails. Health Practitioner or Doctor can prescriber Itraconazole for other treatment.

Available in impileo Lifescience itraconazole 100mg with brand name Imitra 100 and itraconazole 200 with brand name Imitra 200. we also provide Itraconazole in third party manufacturing in various packing:-

  • Alu-Alu 10x10 packing or 10x4 Packing
  • Alu-Alu with mono carton 10x1x10 packing or 10x1x4 Packing
  • Blister Packing 10x10 packing 
  • Blister Packing With  mono carton 10x1x10 packing
  • Poly Strip packing 10x10 Packing, 10x1x10 packing or 10x1x4 Packing

Itraconazole that we are selling in Pcd Pharma Franchise and third party manufacturing is a prescription base medicine. One should take Itraconazole medicine only after prescribing by the doctor.

for PCD pharma franchise marketing of itraconazole itraconazole  100 mg with brand name Imitra 100 and itraconazole 200 with brand name Imitra 200. we provide promotional material to franchise holder like visual aid, reminder Card, LBL, Pen, bag, brochure etc. impileo lifescience provides all the necessary promotional material such as reminder cards, visual aids etc. itraconazole 100mg and itraconazole 200mg. , If someone makes itraconazole in third party manufacturing from us.


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