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why select impileo lifescience for third party manufacturing?

why select impileo lifescience for third party manufacturing?

When someone start own business on any scale he has to face many challenge from product selection to sell in market. for this process everyone want to take services of expert like design he try to find designer, for brand registration try to find registration agent because every person can not be expert in all field. Sometimes a small point make a big issue to solve due to lack of knowledge. it takes large amount of capital to invest in taking services of expert in these kind of things. 

So after discussions with the parties we experienced all the challenges, started providing solutions to these issues which we have described in detail below. So our Marketing team will help you in all the stage to launch your brand in market. we provide service regarding Logo Design, Brand packing design, Visual aid design and printing and many more things. All this support will save your capital along with time. 

best third party manufacturing

In third Party manufacturing process we have explained many and most important points to What you should take care to select manufacturer.

now we are explaining how we are helping to clients reach their target.

now discuss its why select impileo lifescience


Frist of all you have to take your License to purchase and sale of drug from drug authority or you have to make stockiest for billing. 

Select Compositions

best third party manufacturing of pharma syrup

As we are dealing with clients from most parts of india and we get current information from them that what is running in market.  so our marketing team always advise you about what latest is running in pharmaceutical market that will help you to select your composition.

brand name selection

pharma third party manufacturing in india

The brand name plays the most important role to attract the costumer to your product. always keep try that brand name should be easy to speak, related to composition of products or its uses. 

our marketing team always help to select your brand name and find them its available for trade mark or not after checking on Trade mark website tmr India.

we also assist you to apply you trade mark of your brand name through our trade mark expert.


Quantity is always a major concern for people who create and market their products, whether new marketing  or old marketing. because its effect on budget and pharma product have a fix self life called expiry date. Especially the newly launched company should be careful in the selection of quantity.

We have already explained which factors work on the basis of which the producer determines the minimum quantity to be made.

click here to know more :-  How much Quantity i have to manufactured in third party manufacturing ?

never invest all your money only to manufacturer the brands. because there is alot of more factor that you will have to need investment like employee salary, office fix expenses and most important promotional material. second thing always keep sufficient amount for repeat order. because when you sell your product on credit in market, its not necessary that they always paid you on time. but for to supply the stock in market you have to invest money for repeat order.

After going through all these situations with long experience we always provides batch size according to their requirement and try to provide minimum size of batch.


pharma third party manufacturing process

Many factors work to determine the cost of a product. there will be always a difference between rate of all manufacturer for same composition. its depends cost of raw material, how much quantity acquire of raw material, quality of packing material i.e box and foil, quality of shipper, time delivery etc.

our professional team provide best rate after consider all the aspect to manufacture medicine to make it as brand for its marketed by company. Creation of a new brand incur always a some development charges. This development cost is different from the regular cost of the product.

other expenses

Design Charges:- First you have to pay a design fee for your brand's box, foil and label design. its depend on selection of your designer, every designer charge different fee according your requirement. 

but now when you are with impileo lifescience a best third party manufacturer along with pcd pharma franchise provider. our professional art work designer will provide you attractive design of brands free of cost and will show you in 3d preview it will help you save your money that you can invest some other point.

Cylinder Charges:- This expense is for the use of foil printing equipment called a cylinder. This cost is incurred only on those products in which printed foil is used like tablet, capsules and dispo injection etc. we charge this expenses as actual charged by foil printer.

Promotional material solution:-

select best pharma third party plant

Marketing without promotional material is equivalent to trying to hit your target in the dark

All pcd pharma franchise company including impileo lifescience provide promotional material to present and advertise the brand in market. but in Impileo Lifescience we provide promotional material regarding your brand and company even in third party products for its marketing. When we start Impileo Lifescience we notice that most of marketed company especially new launching company and company who working in rural area or remote area always suffer about promotional material.

so after getting the feedback from parties we have started to provide promotional material in 3rd party manufacturing also so a marketed by company have not suffer for promotional material and they can concentrate on marketing of their brand.

we provide in promotional material:-

Bag, Visual aid, Reminder Card, Various gift article, pad, pan etc

we also provide some kind of promotional material free of cost in certain cases.


One thing you have noticed in this entire mention statement is that we do not mention anything about the quality. This is because quality is not a matter of discussion because everything we are trying is only for quality. There is no use of your product without any amount of specialness other than quality. 

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