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Who Is A Registered Pharmacist and Competent Person?

Here you Can Read the answer Who is a registered Pharmacist and Competent person?

Registered Pharmacist:-

Registered Pharmacist means a person whose name is for the time being entered in the register of the State in which he is for the time being residing or carrying on his occupation or business of pharmacy.

Which person is called a registered pharmacist?

A person educated with pharmacy from an approved university in India and registered with the state pharmacy council is called a registered Pharmacist.

Who is a registered pharmacist in India?

To be a registered pharmacist first of all you have to complete your diploma or graduation or post-graduation in pharmacy from medical university. After completing the educational course in pharmacy, you will have to get yourself registered with the pharma council of the state in which you want to work.

What is the minimum qualification for registered pharmacists as per Pharmacy Act?

The answer is The minimum educational qualification to become a registered pharmacist is two years diploma in pharmacy (D. Pharmacy) from a recognized university.

What are the career options for a pharmacist?

The answer is  As a pharmacist you can do a government job, you can start your own wholesale, retail pharma, PCD Pharma Franchise, and pharma third party manufacturing business, you can make your career by doing the job as a pharmacist in any wholesale, retail shop, or PCD pharma company.

Can registered pharmacists prescribe medication?

The answer is A registered pharmacist is not authorized for prescription or practice drugs. A registered pharmacist can dispense medicines.

How to check pharmacist registration number?

The answer is you can check the pharmacist registration number on the website of the state Pharmacy council

Here are the 4 Steps to pharmacist registration number:

  • Step 1: Click Here to Open this link
  • Step 2: Click on User Management
  • Step 3: Register yourself and click Submit.
  • Step 4: After registration, fill the details in the proforma titled
    Pharmacist Profile and click Submit. and after that, you will see the pharmacist registration number

Here is the Reference:

Competent person:-

A graduate person having one year of experience in dealing with medicines under another pharmacist or competent person becomes a competent person after approval from the Drug office. any PCD pharma franchise company or wholesaler can manage the sale of medicine with an approved competent person.

What is the difference between a registered pharmacist and a competent person?

The answer is a Pharmacist is a person who obtains a diploma or degree after studying from a medical college. After that, he gets himself registered with the Pharma Council in any state of India

  • Graduate persons in any stream can be competent people.
  • A graduate person can become a competent person after getting 1-year experience under any other pharmacist or competent person, after getting approval from the drug department.
  • Thus the main difference is that to become a pharmacist, it is mandatory to be educated in the medical line.
  • But a competent person, after graduation in any other subject can also. But he has to take approval from the drug license department.
  • A pharmacist can also work in a drug production plant, but a competent person cannot be employed in drug production.

Now big question Is it necessary to have one's own registered pharmacist or competent person to get a drug license?

The answer is no. 
The answer is To start a pharma business through wholesale, retail, PCD Pharma, or third-party manufacturing it is not necessary to have your own registered pharmacist or competitive person.

Then how can I get a drug license without being a Registered Pharmacist or a Competent Person myself?

The answer is You can get a drug license by hiring any other person who is a registered pharmacist or competent person.

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