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Elevate Your Hygiene Routine with IMIWASH INTIMATE HYGIENE : Top Third Party Manufacturer in Baddi


Indication :

  • Imiwash Intimate Hygiene is indicated for individuals seeking a gentle and effective solution for maintaining intimate hygiene and pH balance.

Elevate Your Hygiene Routine with IMIWASH INTIMATE HYGIENE: Top Third Party Manufacturer in Baddi

Composition :

  • Imiwash Intimate Hygiene contains a unique PH balance formula with Lactic Acid (pH 3.5).

Uses :

  • Imiwash Intimate Hygiene is designed for :
    • Maintaining optimal pH balance in intimate areas
    • Preventing odor and discomfort
    • Supporting overall intimate hygiene

Side Effects :

  • Potential side effects may include :
    • Mild irritation or itching, especially in individuals with sensitive skin
    • Allergic reactions, such as rash or redness
    • Discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur and consult a healthcare professional.

Packaging :

  • Imiwash Intimate Hygiene is available in 100 ML

Dosage :

  • Usage should be as per doctor's recommendation or as indicated on the packaging.
  • Use regularly for best results.

Disclaimer :

  • Impileo Lifescience Private Limited, a leading PCD Pharma franchise establishment, shares this content to facilitate exceptional PCD Pharma franchise experiences. Please note that this website does not offer medical advice to patients.


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